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Canadian Dollar Bingo


123 Bingo

Canadian Dollar Bingo

Technology : Parlay
Strengths : Exceptionally high payout rate Low Minimum Deposit Play in Canadian Dollars

Tale Of The Tape
Direct Traffic : Low (6/Million)
Network Traffic : High
PageRank : 4 (?)
Ba Rank : 2 (?)
US Players : No
75 Ball : Yes
90 Ball : No
Flavours : Canada

123 Bingo

Technology : Parlay
Strengths : High Level of Personalized Service
Huge Signup Bonus
Caters to US and UK players

Tale Of The Tape
Direct Traffic : Low (<1/Million)
Network Traffic : Very High
PageRank : 4 (?)
Ba Rank : 4 (?)
US Players : Allowed
75 Ball : Yes
90 Ball : No
Flavours : USA, UK

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You be the judge! You can make a difference.
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There are too many bingo sites. Who is going to tell you which ones are great? Which ones are terrible? There are terrible sites out there - though I will try not to feature them in this competition. There is only one feasible way to determine the best bingo site on the internet. Divide and conquer.

What can I do?
You can help!
Your mission - should you choose to accept it -- is to try out these sites with the free trial money that our link provides. Have fun. Report back here and pick a winner.

What is in it for you?
You get to try the sites for free. Moreover, you will probably learn alot about what the world of online bingo has to offer. Besides -- honestly -- you probably have too much time on your hands anyway. Whats more, I consider myself an expert on relieving boredom. You are going to have FUN. That is what this is about. We're talking quality of life baby! Time on vsBingo is time well spent. Period.

Help us separate the wheat from the chaff -- that no player should suffer an unworthy site again -- and have fun.
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